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Alumni 2016 - AS Awards

Top Achievers = > 80%

  1. Sarah-Lee Colesky                                   

  2. Dannah Mosterd                                   

  3. Frederick Kruger                                        

  4. Jonathan Rees                                            

  5. Marie Geschonke                                        

  6. Victoria Geschonke                                     

  7. Megan Aubery                                                             

   8. Hugh Seton                                                 

-              Business Management

-              Business Management

-              Mathematics

-              Mathematics

-              German IGCSE

-              German IGCSE

-              Environmental Management

-              Business Management

-              Business Management

-              Economics

-              Biology

Top Grade Positions

  1. Hugh Seton        

  2. Megan Aubrey                    

  3. Sarah-Lee Colesky                    

Colours - Provincial Representative

  1. Max Stam​​                               

  2. Jethro Newton

  3. Dannah Mosterd           

-              For representing SWD U/17 Tennis where he seeded 2nd.   

-              For representing SWD Senior Tennis where he seeded 6th.  

-              For representing Southern Cape Junior Golf.

-              She finished 2nd in one of the major marathon races in the Southern                       Cape and was the top cyclist in the junior marathon series in our                               region in 2016.

Honourary Colours – National Representative

1. Zoey Harcq                      

2. Azelia Meichtry                

-              For winning a Silver Medal as part of the Hip Hop Unite Mega Crew 13+                   team in the South African National Fitness and Hip Hop Championship.

-              For winning the Eastern Cape Ladies Golf Championship,

-              the Border Ladies Golf Championship,

-              and finishing 2nd in the Southern Cape Ladies Golf Championship.

-              For being selected to represent Switzerland in the World Cup Golf                              Tournament in Mexico.

Honourary Colours Cum Laude Winning a National event

  1. Franklin Manchest                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  2. Krystal Coetzee   

-              For winning both Junior and Senior Golfing events in the Southern Cape

-              For representing the President’s Golf Team in the Challenge Inter                              Provincial Tournament.

-              For winning the National Order of Merit Golf Tournament at Unhlali                         Country Club.


-              She qualified for the Senior Ballet Championship at the Port Elizabeth                      Dance Festival which she won.

-              She was selected by the American Academy of Ballet to represent SA in                 New York at their Summer School of Excellence where she won the solo                 competition.

-             She also represented SA in the South African International Ballet                             competition in 2016.

Rundle Award

Hugh Seton

Prefects of 2016

Head Boy 

Head Girl 




Hugh Seton

Dannah Mosterd 

Petrus Vermaak

Meagan Aubery

Clarice Durant

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