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Alumni 2017 - AS Awards

Top Achievers = > 80%

  1. Tim-Moritz Schlüter                      

  2. Sky Martin                                       

  3. Tyler Gunn                                       

  4. Onkokame Leew                           

  5. Jethro Newton                                

  6. Zoey Harcq                                      

-              Business Management

-              Computer Science

-              Biology

-              Business Management

-              Mathematics

-              Business Management

-              Mathematics and Physics

Top Grade Positions

  1. Zoey Harcq 

  2. Jethro Newton  

  3. River Martin                       

Colours - Provincial Representative

  1. Calvin Maia                          

-              For being selected for the U/19 B team for Southern Cape                    Golf team to play in the Heptangular tournament.

Honourary Colours – National Representative

  1. Jay Nathwani                   

-             For representing his home country Tanzania in Golf at                 the Junior All Africa Championship.

Rundle Award

Nina Boshoff

Head Boy 

Head Girl 




Prefects of 2017

Koka Leeuw

Zoey Harcq 

Talyah Britz

Tim-Moritz Schlüter

Jethro Newton

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