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Alumni 2018 - AS Awards

Top Achievers = > 80%

-              French

-              Computer Science

-              Business

-              Environmental Management

-              Mathematics

-              English

-              Mathematics

-              Physics and

-              Chemistry

1. Jay Nathwani                                    

2. James Anderson                                              

3. Joyce Konin                                                       

4. Sarah van der Westhuizen                          

5. Heinrich Faul                                                     

6. Hans- Willem Moolman                

Top Grade Positions

  1. Heinrich Faul      

  2. Elisma Schutte

  3. Peter-John Hamilton                  

Colours - Provincial Representative

1. Jesse le Roux                       


He is a member of the South Cape Children’s Choir that took part in the World Choir Games in Pretoria in 2018. There were two categories, namely Musica Sacra and the Children’s Choir Championship. For both these categories the choir received Silver Medals. 

2.  Janli Venter                 


Participated in the SANESA Regional Competition and was named one of the top 5 riders in the Western Cape.  She was graded 2nd in the 80cm Show Jumping category; 6th in the 90cm Show Jumping category and 7th in the Novice Dressage category in the Western Cape.

3. Hans-Willem Moolman                          

He received his Eden colours of Cycling and Hunting Rifle Shooting.

4. Calvin Maia                          









He came first in the Pezula Junior Open,

He came first in the Samola Junior Open,

He tied 3rd in the George Junior Open,

He tied 4th in the Tswane Junior Open,

He has been selected for the U/19 Southern Cape Team twice.

Firstly to participate in a Triangular against WP and Boland and secondly in the Heptangular against 7 other provinces. 

He was ranked 5th in the Southern Cape and 36th in the country in the U/19 division in 2018.

Honourary Colours – National Representative

1. Jay Nathwani                   

-          For the second year running he has represented Tanzania in Golf                in the Junior All Africa Championship which took place in Morocco              in March 2018. 

Cum Laude Colours – National Winner

1. Manus Moolman


He was invited to the SA Hunting Rifle and Shooting Association Top 50/20 which was held in Mpumalanga in May 2018. He did some excellent shooting during the two days of the competition and ended up in the Senior South African Team: the first junior ever to qualify for the SAHRSA Open Team. Manus represented the team during the 3rd International World Championship held outside Bloemfontein in July. In addition to South Africa, there were participants from Australia, Namibia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. The marksmen were tested to their limits. The competition consisted of a three-day shooting with different size steel plates and paper targets at different unknown distances, up to an estimated 400 metres.  The ranges are built in the open veld and distances are unknown and should be judged by the competitor. 155 marksmen attended the competition from all over the world. In the team competition, the South African team took the honours followed by the Czech Republic in 2nd place and Namibia in the 3rd place.


As an individual, he came 1st in the Junior Category and 2nd Overall in the Open Category and won the International Hunting Rifle Shooting Association World Championship Junior title.  For this Manus Moolman receives Honourary Colours Cum Laude.  

Rundle Award

Jesse le Roux

-          Showing excellence of character, holding the name of the                    school in high esteem and performing beyond expectations

Prefects of 2018

James Anderson

Elisma Schutte

Keean Ferreira

Cameron Boon

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