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Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, online learning is available as a course offering at Rundle College. Online learning offers individuals all the perks of receiving a superior education, with the added convenience of a learning experience tailored to suit each individual's schedule.

Both Rundle College Senior School and Rundle Preparatory are official Cambridge International Schools. Rundle College is an official Cambridge exam centre and all online students will be expected to write at our centre.  Rundle College currently has students from 16 different countries enrolled as learners. Rundle College’s Headmaster is Dr. Stuart Colesky, a Doctor of Education who has vast international experience across all major educational offerings.  Dr. Colesky was previously a senior manager in a major international school group looking after schools across several countries.

The online learning programme is lead by dedicated online-learning specialists who liaise with online students. Our specialists are supported by a team of professionals who have extensive Cambridge International methodologies and curriculum experience. The Rundle College online offering is not simply a do-it-yourself learning programme. Teachers provide a detailed explanation in the form of a voicenote, video clip or picture. Skype sessions are also arranged with the specific tutors. The school makes use of Google Drive as the online learning platform and each student receives a unique username and email address to access material on the learning platform. All worksheets and tests are sent to students to complete at home under test conditions and once completed they need to be scanned back for marking by the teachers. Internal exams are written at home under parental supervision.

With online learning a content schedule is created for the learners to follow during the course of the year, outlining what exercises to complete each day for each specific subject. It follows the same curriculum and planning as the learners at school. In that way if the online learner would like to attend school for a day or two, they will have the same books and be covering the same content. The schedule is adjusted according to the learner's pace at which they prefer to work. All work typically done at school in a workbook is done using Google Drive and Google Classroom which is accessible and editable (for adding comments) by the student, and the teachers at all times. 


The Rundle College teaching staff are all qualified with teaching experience linked to the Cambridge International curriculum. Some info about our offering;

- In the senior levels (IGCSE, AS and A Level), the teachers specialize and teach only their specific subject/s.

- In the last 5 years (2015 to 2019) Rundle College has won 9 Cambridge International Top Student Awards.

- Online students are welcome to physically attend school at Rundle College for up to 2 weeks every term, should they wish to do so. In the senior levels and in some specialized subjects this is advantageous. School attendance can be of great assistance to the learner in some subjects.

- Several Rundle College students have been awarded scholarships at Universities.

- Rundle College alumni are studying at Universities in many countries of the world, including the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, United States of America and Malaysia amongst others.

Parents have the option of receiving biweekly reports to update them on the progress of the learner throughout the two weeks. 

Refer to the Academics page for more insight into the curriculum.



Students can create their own learning environment, minimize distractions and optmise their study time

It provides learners with the opportunity to pursue their dreams by allowing students to fit their schedule around their coursework


Online learning fosters responsibility, self discipline and time management

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