Fees and Tuition 2022

1. A once-off registration fee of R5,000 is payable for all grades except AS or A level where the fee is discounted to a once-off registration fee of R2,000. This registration fee is non-refundable and the registration fee will be forfeited if the scholar has been booked to join as a student at the school and then does not start at the school.

2. School fees exclude the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) external examination fees that are due and payable to CAIE for the different subjects at the appropriate levels (IGCSE; AS Level; A Level). CAIE fees may be subject to change on an annual basis. The CAIE examination fees are published annually and are available on request.

Important Addendum to Point 2. above:
A pupil will not be allowed to write the examination papers if:
a. School fees are not paid up to date; and
b. If examination fees are not paid in full prior to due date of registration for payment of the examination fees.

Annual school fees 2022 are as follows:
Grade R up to Grade 6: R44,500 per student per annum
Checkpoint 1, 2 & 3 (Grade 7, 8 & 9 equivalent): R50,500 per student per annum
IGCSE 1 to AS Levels (Grade 10 to 12 equivalent): R60,500 per student per annum
A Levels: Includes 3 subjects at R22,500 per subject – or R62 500 for 3 A level subjects.

3. All must be settled in advance. Should a request be received to pay school fees monthly in advance then the following points relate:

a. A monthly bank debit order must be signed unless written agreement is agreed and signed re a different mode of payment;
b. Monthly payment is made over a period of 10 months from 31st January to 31st October each year;
c. The monthly school fee payment is increased by R200 per month for monthly payers.
i. The Junior and Primary school fee payment will therefore be R4,650 per month for the 10 months.
ii. The Checkpoint 1 - 3 payment will therefore be R5,250 per month for the 10 months.
iii. The IGCSE and AS Level payment will be R 6,250 per month for the 10 months. Note: Should a request be received to arrange for payment to be made over 11 months rather than 10 months, such request will be considered by Rundle College.
iv. A Level payment options to be discussed on enrolment


4. School fees paid annually in advance are entitled to a 5% (five percent) discount on the total due annual fee. Payment must be received by Rundle College prior to the start of the new school year (i.e. received in the Rundle College bank account before the first day of school for the year). Payment received once the school year commences will not qualify for the discount.


5. School fees may be increased on an annual basis at the discretion of Rundle College. Should annual school fees be increased the conditions relative to points 2 and/or 3 above may also be increased at the discretion of Rundle College.

6. A full term’s written notice is required when removing your child from Rundle College. In the event of Rundle College not receiving the required term’s notice in writing, a full term’s fees will be due and payable to Rundle College.

7. Annual School - Fees for a student in AS Level or A Level will be payable in full even if the student chooses to depart Rundle College during the course of the AS Level or A Level year.

8. School Fees exclude the cost of text books which will be ordered as required and invoiced separately.

9. School uniform is excluded from the school fees.

10. A R500 photocopying fee will be charged per annum.

11. Sibling/Family Discount: Rundle College will offer a 5% sibling discount off the full list published school fee for the second or each additional child enrolled at the school.