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Education Level: Primary

The Preparatory School offers education for children aged 5 to 12 years from Grades 0 – 7. The curriculum provides excellent preparation for Secondary Education. Students follow a set curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, 2nd Language (Afrikaans), Art, Themes (which embrace elements such as History, Geography, etc.), and Physical Education. These subjects develop each learner’s unique potential; they help to flame their passion for learning and they support the holistic development of the child. The curriculum is designed to focus on intellectual enrichment, skills acquisition, and social development. Tests will reflect the progression of the child’s ability through Primary Education and learners are awarded a Certificate of Achievement after the syllabus. Selected excursions and activities form an integral part of the curriculum, expanding on the extended commitment to experiential learning.



Rundle College prepares students for the successful transition from Secondary School to university and other forms of higher education. The high school offers Education Levels: Cambridge Secondary 1; Cambridge Secondary 2; Cambridge Advanced AS and A Level for students from 13 – 18 years of age. In South Africa AS Level is matric equivalent and A Level is equivalent to Grade 13 or Sixth Form.

Rundle College students have the opportunity to be curious and to have their thinking extended and challenged. The school promotes a classroom culture that celebrates diversity, taking cognizance of the larger world around them. Students are encouraged to embrace their individuality, talents, and skills and become more independent individuals. Learners are inspired to challenge themselves, think outside the box, and ultimately have a positive impact on making the world a better place.  


Refer to the Academics page for a more in depth understanding of the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum and more information regarding subject choices.

Rundle College is registered with WCED.

Rundle College is a registered Cambridge High School.

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Empowering learners with problem-solving abilities and development needed to excel in life


Encouraging the critical thinking of learners by inspiring a quest for knowledge and fostering problem-solving & creative thinking


Cambridge qualifications open doors to top universities across the world

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