8 Top Students in 4 Years

Rundle College’s first set of IGCSE students graduated to AS level in 2015. To achieve 2 Top Student Awards from Cambridge International Education (CIE) in 2015 was a phenomenal achievement. That momentum has not been lost, with 8 Top Student CIE Awards in the last 4 years, surely a stand-out achievement amongst all CIE schools relative to student selection processes and student numbers. This is an extraordinary achievement if you consider that many international schools have never achieved a single Top Student Award in over 10 years! Rundle College is hopeful of adding to that list when the 2019 results are released!

Nathan Warner Receives 2019 Rundle Award

The Rundle Award is presented to a student of outstanding character, who represents and upholds the name of #RundleCollege in high esteem. This type of student not only excels academically but performs above their own potential and consistently places other's needs before their own. In effect, the recipient goes beyond expectations when required! Last year, Jesse Le Roux was awarded this prestigious award and this year Jesse handed over the award to the 2019 Rundle award recipient, Nathan Warner, at the Senior Prize Giving Ceremony. Nathan is a student who meets these criteria and the school is extremely proud to have him attend Rundle College. Congratulations on receiving the esteemed award Nathan!

Students Celebrate Matric Dance in Style

Camera flashes, cheering spectators and ululating friends and family members greeted the Rundle College AS students as they stepped out in their glamorous attire and evening gowns for the annual matric dance celebration. The elegant night was celebrated at The Wilderness Hotel on August 30th. The 2019 aspirant high school graduates looked spectacular as they celebrated the memorable night in style. View the full album on the MEDIA page.

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