Valentine's Day Dance

Celebrating love, romance, friendship and bliss! The #RundleCollege and #KeNakoAcademy students celebrated Valentine’s Day with a memorable school dance on 13 February. The dance was organized by the 2020 Rundle College Matric Farewell Committee who used the occasion to raise funds for the upcoming matric dance. The students dusted off their dancing shoes and enjoyed a lovely evening, showering their friends with affection and adoration.

Yemaya Morley Top 3 Environmental Management Cambridge Student in the World for 2019

We are extremely proud of our academic achievements to date and now have yet another accolade to add! Yemaya Morley, last year’s AS student, achieved the third highest mark in the world for Environmental Management. This is a monumental achievement and we are extremely proud of her. I would also like to thank her family for their obvious support and encouragement. A special word of thanks goes to, Ms. Tana Scott, for her continued belief in Yemaya. Not many people know but this was a process which involved many additional hours and independent study over a number of years to prepare for this. This is now the 4th special achievement that #RundleCollege has achieved for Environmental Management over the last 5 years. It is also not surprising to note that 4 of our Environmental Management students from last year have decided to study their BSc in Environmental Studies, yet another accolade to the school and Ms. Scott.

World Read Aloud Day

‘Literacy is not a luxury; it’s a right and a responsibility‘. Annually, Nal’ibali celebrates World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) to draw attention to the importance of reading. This year, World Read Aloud Day was celebrated on 5 February. English Teacher, Mr Pat Huddy read the story, A Day to Remember, to the #RundleCollege preparatory learners about the fun Neo, Josh, Hope and Bella had at the park and Noodle who stirred up some excitement at the event. Last year’s story was read to 1 559 730 children and the aim this year was to reach 2 million nationally. #RundleCollege is proud to be partakers of the initiative.

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