Developing Practical Life Skills - Skills for Life

November 15, 2020

Rundle College teacher, Ms Sharon Puttick, introduced the CP3 students to practical skills used in everyday life with the theme Practical Life Skills Everyone Should Know.

The content covered during the term included:

- Application process for ID and learners license.

- How to iron a shirt.

- Road signs of South Africa and what they mean.

- How to change the tyre of a car.

- How to sew on a button.

- Budgeting for a home - cooked meal.

- How to make a bechamel (white) sauce.

- How to boil eggs.

Rundle parents, pass on that blouse with a missing button you have been meaning to sew on but just can't manage to find the time to do; ask your child to help with cooking when making a delicious pasta dish; or put in your order for soft, medium or hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Parents can also now feel a bit more relieved when their children test their newfound freedom when they obtain their drivers license, by knowing their child is equipped to change a flat tyre.

Moonlight Meander

November 02, 2020

Some of the Rundle College students went on a night walk from Swartvlei Beach to Gericke's Point with renowned marine and ecology expert Judy Dixon on Friday 16 October - a beautiful clear sky greeted everyone on the evening of the walk. 

“It was an amazing experience, the views were better than I could ever have imagined, and the local wildlife was more interesting than expected. The informational blurbs and facts tied the experience together in a neat bow and made the entire night unforgettable.” Michael Dickenson, CP3

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as a whole. From the incredible marine-life to walking underneath a clear, starry sky. It was absolutely breathtaking. Specifically, I enjoyed observing how the wildlife live and behave in their environment. I was able to witness interactions and lifestyles that were completely foreign to me, and there was a special beauty in learning about the unknown.” Lisa v Rensburg, CP3

“Seeing six octopuses and exploring the rocks and rock pools were most enjoyable.” Jason Meiring, CP2

“I think the octopuses were really cute and interesting. I enjoyed watching the magnificent starfish doing yoga as well.” Deena Meyer, CP2

“The highlight of the evening was saving a stranded young octopus and watching it oxygenate again in the pond.” JJ Bester, CP3

“My favourite part was seeing the octopus and watching the rock pool fish hunting and eating the shrimp larvae. Judy taught us so much about barnacles. The night sky was lit up with the milky way.” Liz Meiring, CP3

“We got to learn about octopus eggs and how they reproduce, along with crabs and identifying males and females. And we also got to see deep pools filled with fish.” Aqeel Dada, CP2

“The clear skies and the bright stars were a special highlight.” Ryan Murray, CP2

“The scenery and the environment was my favourite part of the walk.” Alan Mahofa, CP2

“Walking on the beach and learning how to identify male vs female crabs was interesting.” Amy Loubser, CP2

“The pill bugs that roll into perfect balls when threatened and seeing a pill bug nest hatching! The blue bottles with stingers that can grow up to 3 meters! How the rocks glowed under the black light.” Clarissa Oosthuizen, CP2

Respiratory System Dissection in the Biology Lab:

September 30, 2020

Lab work can be quite a messy task, but it is absolutely worth it! At first I was quite nervous to see bloody organs, but once we got started it was extremely fascinating. It was wonderful to see how everything is connected to each other. We mainly looked at the respiratory system and at how the trachea branches out into bronchi and then into such smaller bronchioles was incredible. It was unbelievable to see how complex and detailed everything was and how we, ourselves, have these complex organs within us! I learnt some really extraordinary things and had a blast with my lab partner. Thank you for the experience


IG1 student Michelle Yanioglou

Outstanding Results

June 28, 2020

We are extremely proud of our academic achievements to date and now have yet another accolade to add! Yemaya Morley, a 2019 AS student, achieved the third highest mark in the world for Environmental Management. This is a monumental achievement and we are extremely proud of her. I would also like to thank her family for their obvious support and encouragement. A special word of thanks goes to, Ms. Tana Scott, for her continued belief in Yemaya. Not many people know but this was a process which involved many additional hours and independent study over a number of years to prepare for this. This is now the 4th special achievement that Rundle College has achieved for Environmental Management over the last five years. It is also not surprising to note that four of our Environmental Management students from last year have decided to study their BSc in Environmental Studies, yet another accolade to the school and Ms. Scott.

Dr Stuart Colesky

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