Types and Stages of Seed Germination

The Grade 5 Rundle College students were instructed to plant seeds and observe the different phases of development. This is Emma Labuschagne’s project. She went beyond the call of duty with a superb biology project. The students where thrilled to observe the seeds once it started to germinate and grow roots. The seeds' growing conditions usually need to be damp, warm, and dark. A dry seed will stay dormant until it soaks in some water, then it will start to germinate.

Adventure Day

Did you know that elephants eat between 450 to 650 kg of food and drink 350 to 450 litres of water a day? Elephants are herbivores and eat a wide range of food sources in the wild. The Rundle College preparatory learners enjoyed the most exciting Adventure Day on Thursday, 4 March, and learnt various interesting facts about the great outdoors and spectacular wildlife that roam the African continent.

The students inquisitive minds were stimulated with wonderful facts about various animal species. They had to identify the most curious sounds in the animal kingdom ranging from bats to hyenas. They were challenged on various obstacle courses and did some wall climbing. Team work was the theme of the day and the students built their own survival huts that could accommodation all their team members against various elements. They left the day with dirt on their feet, full tummies as they roasted their own 'stokbrood', smiling faces, tired bodies, their minds stimulated and wonderful new childhood memories.

On the Road to Becoming a Doctor

Former Rundle College Head Boy Hugh Seton is completing his fourth year MBchB Obstetrics at Stellenbosch. Here he is pictured with his first delivery of a baby girl at Tygerberg Medical Hospital. Hugh was Rundle’s Head Boy in 2016. Well done Hugh, we are extremely proud of you!



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