Ka-ching ka-ching!

On 30 March the Rundle College preparatory boys and girls embraced Entrepreneurship Day. The purpose of the project was to encourage the students to think outside the box, stimulate innovative and problem-solving skills, help the students work with money and allow them to have some fun whilst also making a little profit in the process. They were responsible for generating an idea, create the business and marketing plan, make the product and sell it to their fellow friends. An assortment of homemade baked goodies, art, plants, toys and hair scrunchies were on offer. The day was a roaring success and the students had lots of fun in the process!

Rundle Run

Rundle College hosted the first Rundle Run at the Outeniqua Family Market on 17 April. Runners set a great pace with Zimbabwean national Matthew Bramford leading the way and taking gold by crossing the finish line with a time of 21:15. KeNako Academy and Rundle College Chairman and Founder Ron Boon finished 4 minutes behind the leading man. Khanya Nhlengethwa from Swaziland took bronze. Well done to Matthew, Ron and Khanya for keeping the Rundle school name flying high! It was a wonderful atmosphere with runners and walkers working up an appetite to enjoy some delicious food at the market afterwards. Thank you to the Outeniqua Family Market and Aqua Glo for sponsoring the event.


We encourage all Georgiette to join in on the fun every Saturday at the market. The aim of the run is to raise funds for various charities in our community. We hope to see you there this Saturday at 09:00. Registration opens at 08:30.

On the Road to Becoming a Doctor

Former Rundle College Head Boy Hugh Seton is completing his fourth year MBchB Obstetrics at Stellenbosch. Here he is pictured with his first delivery of a baby girl at Tygerberg Medical Hospital. Hugh was Rundle’s Head Boy in 2016. Well done Hugh, we are extremely proud of you!



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