11 Top Achiever Awards in South Africa in 6 Years

Once again Rundle College has excelled in academics! Each year Cambridge Assessment International Education announce the winners of top academic awards. We are proud to announce that two of Rundle College’s students, Yaasir Adam and Christopher Bailey, received awards in various categories. Yaasir and Christopher received High Achievement Awards (for South Africa) for Arabic and Environmental Management, respectively. They achieved this award for Advanced Secondary Levels in their subjects. These awards are extremely prestigious and bring now our total, as a school to (over the past six years) to eleven awards. Considering the challenges 2020 threw at us, this is simply amazing!


Dr Stuart Colesky

Visiting the Cango Wildlife Ranch and Conservation Centre

The Cango Wildlife Ranch and Conservation Centre was a wonderful experience for students and staff on 17 May. The students were greeted with an insightful tour guide, Ranaldo, whom was very enthusiastic and entertaining. He taught the students about the different animals and why conservation is so important. The children asked a lot of interesting questions and had a chance to see the animals up close. Of the many animals viewed, the white tiger, cheetahs and sloth were really popular. All of the students then enjoyed a sociable lunch in the Turtle Restaurant. It was a truly memorable day.

An Update from James Anderson – Rundle Headboy of 2018
A Grade Average in his First Year at University

After matriculating in 2018 James Anderson enrolled to complete his A Level in Maths and Computer Science. He was accepted into a number of universities in the USA and made a final choice between University of North Carolina Charlotte and the Florida Institute of Technology, opting for UNC Charlotte.

He started work at the Deacon in January 2020, and thoroughly enjoyed it, until he was retrenched the day before lockdown in March 2020. He should have started at UNC Charlotte in August 2020, but could not get a visa or travel due to lockdown, so kept busy with tennis and another spell as a waiter, going back to work on a reduced basis in July. He had a brief brush with Covid, confirmed on Christmas Day, but recovered well.

He started at UNC Charlotte online in January, as all in person lectures were suspended at the campus. He did well, coping with a tough time difference, lectures from 4:00 pm and some finishing at 02:30 am. He completed his first semester BSc Computer Science, achieving an A grade average. James also endured a week off for heart surgery at the Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town and is now thankfully recovered. He is very grateful to staff at Rundle College for providing a solid grounding. It is great to see you doing so well James, good luck with your studies. You will hopefully soon be able to travel to embrace your studies on campus and student life in America.



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