The AS Business class has taken it upon themselves to start a company. After many meetings, the concept of the company came together and it was decided to call the new enterprise “Zesty Bees”. Not only does the name reflect the energy and enthusiasm of the class, but also the natural ingredients of the company’s products.

With the name settled, it was time to register with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission, an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry). During the process, the inquisitive students learned how to reserve and register a name with CIPC. The group decided to register the business as a Private Limited Company as this would allow them to sell shares to raise start-up capital.

More registration and application forms had to be completed to comply with the legal requirements for business in South Africa. These included registration with the UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), WC (Workmen’s Compensation Fund) and SARS.

Once finalising these issues, it was time to appoint the managerial roles. These were allocated as follows:

Chief Financial Officer – Josh Loubser

Marketing Manager – Matthew Bramford

Sales Manager – Khanya Nhlengethwa

Public Relations – Emma van der Linde

Research and Development – Ms Nel

The company will kick off with its first product on the next Entrepreneurs Day at the school on the third Friday in February . Be sure not to miss out on our all natural lip ice, Á Lèvre Nature, as limited stock will be available. As part of the company’s CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility), 10% of profits will go towards the MFC (Matric Farewell Committee).

Many challenges still await the group as marketing plans, new product development and research has to be done. Potential buyers and any queries can be directed to our beeline at zestybeesinc@gmail.com

According to the class teacher, Ms Nel, Business Studies is a very content-based subject. It offers less opportunities in class for practical application, therefore a simulated environment can contribute to a more real-life experience of key concepts.

Emma van der Linde

PR – Zesty Bees

In the photo L - R: Khanya Nhlengethwa, Josh Loubser, Emma van der Linde and Matthew Bramford.

The students are playing around with logos and labelling at this point in time. We will keep you posted on their progress.

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