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Rundle College is an official Cambridge Examination Centre and you may register with us for either the May/June or Oct/Nov exam sitting. Please note that the entries for the May/June exam sitting close in early February and in early August for the Oct/Nov exam sitting. You are responsible for making the arrangements. Rundle College will support and assist you with any exam-related queries.

Exam Day Rules

  1. Arrive at the exam venue 20 minutes before the start of the exam.

  2. Bring your ID along for identification purposes.

  3. Bring all your own stationery.   None will be provided.

  4. All stationery must be in a transparent bag or pencil case.

  5. Bring your own calculator if applicable for the exam.

  6. No tippex or high-lighters may be used.

  7. No cellphone or other technology is allowed in the exam venue.

  8. No written material is allowed into the examination room.

  9. No form of communication to take place once in the venue.

  10. Water in a transparent bottle with no label is allowed.

  11. If you are running late for an exam, contact the venue immediately on the following number 044 873 3385.

  12. Inform the centre of any medical conditions upon registration.

Key Time:

For morning sessions students must be in the exam venue at 11:00

For afternoon sessions students must be in the exam venue at 15:00

NB:  Any student not under exam conditions at these times will have their papers withdrawn.

Registration as Private Candidate for the Cambridge Examinations

Please complete and return the following information to and a high school representative will get back to you with more specific detail. 


Candidate Details:

Name (as you would like it to appear on any documentation)

Date of birth: (dd/mm/yyyy)

Gender: (Male/Female)

Is English your First language? (Yes/No)

Status: (School/Private)

Previous Centre Number: (if applicable)

Previous Candidate Number: (if applicable)

Grade: (IGCSE, AS, A Level)

Contact Details:

Contact number:

Email address:    Candidate or Parent

Click here to watch the exam day behavior video:

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