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The symbol chosen to represent the Rundle College logo is a ‘Wisdom Tree’. This tree represents many wonderful, interesting and positive elements. The logo is represented by the tree itself, with the roots of the tree drinking the deep waters of infinity. The growing tree represents life and life’s desires, but also life’s pitfalls. The branches of the tree can be related to greater life but also individual personalities and components. Just as the tree starts as a tiny seed that first grows underground (in the bosom of the earth) and then into a trunk before sprouting branches, so does the human mind blossom from its embryonic beginnings to a centre of awareness that has no boundaries. The wisdom tree can be regarded as an expression that symbolizes life’s perfection – an ideal life revealing purity of body and mind in its natural form. 

When looked at in a mirror image there is no permanent physical anchor but there is an awareness of the being. The tree and its reflection are pulled in two directions. On the one hand the tree has a strong foundation which represents security, origins, tradition, comfort; the core of our character and our future growth. On the other hand the tree’s branches grow uninhibited and indiscriminately (to the human eye), representing the freedom to do and achieve things in so many different ways; to feel liberated; an opportunity to surpass expectations and boundaries. The roots reach for the bowels of the earth and the branches reach towards the heavens. 

It is similarly important to remember that a tree thrives best in a forest or a jungle, when intertwined with many other trees. Relate this to the positive forces of the human family; to the need to be involved with and interact constructively with one’s peers. What else emerges from a forest or a jungle is an innovation ecosystem, where ‘wisdom trees’ abound? It is such forestation that provides the oxygen and communication that is of critical benefit to the world; that provides great sources of protection in the science and discovery of our world today. So too is the ‘forestation’ of the brain and the human mind fundamental to life; providing the knowledge and wisdom to achieve success and to make a difference.

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