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A testimonial from former student Carolin Schlüter

After graduating from high school in Germany in 2016, I did not know exactly what I wanted to study. In order to make good use of the time after my Abitur (A-level), I decided to improve my English by spending some time abroad in South Africa. Since I had already traveled to South Africa several times with my family and friends of our family live in George, I became familiar with Rundle College. The internationally recognized Cambridge school system convinced me to spend my year abroad at Rundle College and KeNako Golf and Sports Academy.

During my school year in South Africa, I attended various courses and took several AS and A-level exams, which was very challenging for me as a foreigner. In total, I spent almost a year in South Africa. During this time, I also did an internship with an architect firm in George, which showed me that I could pursue a professional future in the field.

Back in Germany, I then began a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering for Construction and Real Estate near Hamburg. My studies consisted of a practical and theoretical part. I completed the theoretical part in Hamburg and the practical part in Berlin, where I worked as a Project Manager for a company specializing in tenant fit-outs for office buildings. Since there were also many projects with international customers such as Apple or TheOfficeGroup, I had an advantage with my year abroad and was able to manage the project in English without any problems.

Especially with my master studies in the field of Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning, which I started in October this year in Hamburg, I realized again how valuable my year abroad and the time at Rundle College and KeNako Academy was, not only for me personally, but especially for my education. Again, my AS and A-level exams gave me great advantages over other applicants for the course. As this is an international course with students from all over the world and is taught exclusively in English, there was a high demand for English language skills. Because the Cambridge system is also highly regarded in Germany, I did not need to take any further tests for the application process and only had to submit my Cambridge certificates from South Africa.

I would like to thank Dr. Colesky and the entire Rundle College for this valuable and exciting year abroad and for the fact that this time has contributed to a large extent to my academic success.

Carolin Schlüter

Progressive Education; Extraordinary People

A heartfelt letter from former Rundle College Head Girl of 2015 and KeNako Academy golf student to KeNako Golf & Sports Academy and Rundle College Chairman and Founder Ron Boon:


Dear Uncle Ron,

I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you have done getting me to where I am today. KeNako has had a major role in shaping me into who I am and my development as an adult. Not only did my passion for golf grow, I also received a great education at Rundle College, which has been a key to my success thus far. I have also grown tremendously as a person as a result of my experience at KeNako.


Throughout my high school career, I always had the dream of studying internationally, and at the time it seemed quite far-fetched. I remember mentioning it in a speech actually. Little did I know that it would become a reality.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to study in a college in the United States. And in May of last year, I graduated Magna Cum Laude. KeNako Academy and golf opened the door to the scholarship and Rundle College and its high quality international education provided an amazing foundation for my academic success at College in the USA.  None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for your generosity, Uncle Ron. I just hope that my story inspires others to expand their horizons and follow their dreams regardless of their background. I also hope that others are motivated to completely invest themselves into the KeNako program because it is extremely rewarding.

I would also like to thank all the staff at KeNako Academy for encouraging me and helping me see my potential. The KeNako staff is a great team that is totally invested in the growth and success of every student. The same can be said of the management and teaching staff at Rundle College. I will continue to take what I have learnt into my future studies and endeavours. In my future I hope to be able to support upcoming students in the same way that you are, Uncle Ron.


Yours truly,

Charnay Williams


Charnay graduated Magna Cum Laude at Tyler Junior College. Charnay departed KeNako on a full golf scholarship to the USA in 2017. She participated in the academy programme for 5 years and completed her Cambridge A Level Biology and AS Level Physics and Chemistry‬ in 2016.

Charnay Williams

Head Girl of 2015

​We were at wits end with our son and the previous school. It seemed that he was never welcome, whether it was school work, sports or extramural activities, there was always an issue to be resolved. As parents wanting the best for their child we approached Ron Boon at Rundle College. We were surprised at the professional reception and with the detailed overview of Rundle College. Wow! What a change. We should have done this sooner. He enjoys going to college every day, gets on well with his peers, his school work has improved more than 30%. This has to be attributed to the dedicated teachers and staff at Rundle College. We would highly recommend Rundle College to any parent looking to give their child quality education. 

Alex and Zelda Bowker

Parents of Aiden Bowker (IG1)

​School has been fantastic. I really enjoy the teachers. Some of them are really funny but also great teachers. My Afrikaans has improved a lot thanks to my teacher. I would like to have more lessons on Environmental Management because it is a great subject and everybody focuses and gets involved in the lessons that we have. Our Maths teacher has helped me a lot – he is able to get the point of the syllabus across so well. I am really enjoying my school time.

Alan Lones


I enjoy Rundle College a lot and the teachers make school even more enjoyable. It is a disciplined school and everybody respects each other. The school works for everybody and everybody likes it and they enjoy what happens at school. It is different to my previous school experiences and so much better. I am really enjoying myself and my life at school.

Malcolm Donevan


​What's thisA special THANK-YOU to Rundle College and Kenako for offering our Marija the opportunity to chase her dreams while not losing at all, but rather gaining in her academic development. You have given our whole family wings to fly and make life more stimulating and satisfying. I pray for your growth and strength in the quality you offer all children. Onwards and Upwards!!

Giorgos Dimopoulos

Parent Online Support Student

​I really enjoy Rundle College. Lessons in subjects like Maths and Physics are a lot better than what I used to have because there are not too many people in the class and the teacher is able to help everybody. I also enjoy the class times. They are not too long and it is easy to focus for the whole lesson.

Hayden Garcia


Rundle College is the greatest school that I have been to. I like the fact that for some classes there are only a few people and not always lots of people. It makes the lessons more intimate and serious. When somebody needs special attention sometimes the teachers take you for a one-on-one lesson and help you until you are not just familiar with the work but fully understand the work. At Rundle College time is taken very seriously so we are better prepared. Rundle College has shown me that you actually don’t need 7 hours of school because now I realize that in my previous schools we got used to wasting a lot of time rather than focussing on our work and getting things done. At Rundle College I have improved my understanding of subjects compared to my previous school where I didn’t always understand and then I couldn’t get the work done.

Jabulane Mabilane


I love Rundle College because of what it gives to you in education. It is so different and it makes school fun. The teachers are amazing and they are a pleasure to work with. I get to do French which is a subject that I really love and it is a special lesson just for me. My class mates are also amazing. They help me and really make school fun.

Mandla Dlamini


I am new to the school having just started with my AS Levels at Rundle College in the 3rd Term, but so far my time at the school has been incredible. I have been made to feel so welcome by my fellow students and all members of staff. Personally I feel that Rundle College’s school system is exceptionally productive and it seems to work very well. Rundle College has a lot of benefits. We have easy access to the internet at our desks. This helps me with my work tremendously. Another positive is that the teachers have a positive attitude even if the students are disruptive. We are also given ample time to complete our work assignments. I feel Rundle College is giving me the best possible education and an excellent life experience.

Callum Adamstein


​The teachers cause me to look forward to coming to school every day. The lessons are interesting and our teachers are able to make what I used to think were boring subjects fun. Classes like EM and Business with our special teachers make me feel like I am playing a round of golf with my best friends. I always thought that Maths was boring but now the lessons are fun and interesting and there is no way that you can get bored in class!

Franklin Manchest


​Rundle College is an absolute pleasure. The school hours are great and we don’t waste any time when at school. I also really enjoy the tutors. They explain the work well and they make the lessons fun and interesting. We get more attention and personal time with our Tutors at Rundle College compared to my previous schools. We also have to be more personally disciplined because sometimes we have to work alone and then hand the work in and the expectations are that we will be responsible and do what is expected of us. This will surely help me when I go to university.

Caylum Boon


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